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Advisor Testimonials

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Through the site, wealth management advisors are tapping into resources that they say are simplifying what they perceive to be a complicated process. With the assistance of the advisor-friendly TPAs on the site, they are winning retirement business, and ramping-up their retirement plan sales.

Specialty advisors and consultants are also taking advantage of the site, and it’s intensive supports, to simplify complex searches, saving in many cases, week’s worth of time, in finding administrative solutions that are a fit for their specific client’s needs.

From TPAs offering intensive, local advisor support to TPAs supporting open-architecture opportunities, the www.tpabenchmark.com resource, provides value-added supports to help all types of advisors grow their sales and enhance their client relationships.

Below please find some illustrative advisor testimonials indicative of the productive new business relationships being established between advisors and TPAs, as a result of taking advantage of this valuable resource tool.

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Connecting Advisors With the Specific Type of Support They Need

Advisor in New Orleans, LA promptly connects with TPAs specializing in defined benefit plans and wins case.  This Advisor registered for complimentary access to www.tpabenchmark.com via his broker-dealer.  The task at-hand was to locate a TPA to administer a DB plan for his client.

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Helping Advisors Grow Retirement Sales

Wealth management Advisor in Savannah, TN logs on to site and grows sales pipeline from $0 to $3 million in three weeks.  After joining a www.tpabenchmark.com webinar to support his Broker-Dealer's efforts to engage Wealth Management Advisors in the retirement plan business, one such advisor from Savannah, TN contacted us indicating his desire to get into the retirement plan business.

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Delivering Just-in-Time Assistance to Help Advisors Win More Business

Retirement plan Advisor in Texarkan, TX, appreciative of "just-in-time" support that helped him secure two case wins.  Specialty retirement plan advisor signs-on to our site in search of a TPA for two plans that needed to be moved as soon as possible

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Saving Advisors Valuable Time in Locating the Resources They Need

Advisor in Grand Blanc, MI appreciative of weeks of time saved while moving large block of complex business.   The advisor is in the process of taking over a book of 15 complex cases with a variety of plan types.  He needed 4 - 5 TPAs to partner with to quickly transition to a new service model for each plan.



Advisor Business Growth

Helping Advisors Grow Their 
Retirement Business.

"I just wanted to send a quick note to say that your website www.tpabenchmark.com was helpful to me when looking for administrators and TPAs for my client last year, and I will continue to use in the future for all my client's needs in this area. In addition, the support and service I've been given by Hynes Associates has been fantastic. Thanks for your help in the past, and I look forward to working with you all in the future."
(~Advisor, Louisiana)

To learn more about how you can help your advisors achieve greater sales success, with TPAbenchmark.com, please CLICK HERE to contact us.

TPA New Business Contacts

Connecting TPAs to Serious 
Retirement Plan Advisors

"We've been very pleased with our participation in www.tpabenchmark.com. The feedback from advisors on this service is very encouraging. We appreciate the opportunity to connect with serious retirement plan advisors and the www.tpabenchmark.com site is a great tool for doing just this. We're delighted to be involved with the site and look forward to continuing to support advisor introductions through the service."
(~TPA Firm Owner, Southeast, U.S.)

If you are a TPA focused on the advisor-market, and you'd like to learn more about becoming involved, please CLICK HERE to learn more.

Value-Added Provider Resources

Providing Value-Added 
Resources to Strengthen 
Advisor Relationships

"We are excited to be teaming up with TPAbenchmark.com and offering our advisors comp- limentary access to this resource. Being able to provide advisors focused on the retirement plan market a means to connect with TPA's is another way we can offer the leadership, strategies, and resources to support these advisors in building their business."
(~Vice President, Retirement Services Firm)

CLICK HERE to learn more about ways for you to become involved in TPAbenchmark.com today!