TPA Benchmark


This Fall (September 27-29, 2023), we (Hynes Associates/ will be hosting a special TPA Visionary Roundtable.  We invite you to contact us at for more details.  We will be joined by 100 of the nation’s top TPA owners, and the leading record keeping platforms for a special two-day session to discuss the future direction of the TPA marketplace (from a TPA owner and advisor perspective) – this will be a major thought leadership event that you do not want to miss!

At, we are also proud to be partnering with ASPPA, in our partnership program, and we are proud to ourselves be a member of ASPPA.  In partnership with ASPPA, we are offering our members CE opportunities for their firms (employees) to derive valuable CE credit through the many online events we offer to TPA owners throughout the year.

This Fall (October 22-25, 2023), we are pleased to be offering discounted registration to the ASPPA Annual.

With your membership with, you’ll have multiple opportunities to engage with some of the industry’s finest, to provide CE credits to your employees, and your staff as well as gain valuable insights to grow your (TPA owner) practice.

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