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As a leader and business owner, each of our journeys have been impacted by leaders who have taken the time to help us become the best we can be.  From teachers who impacted us in our youth, to mentors who have helped us along the way in our professional journey, I’m sure your story, like mine, contains the names and lasting impressions of those leaders, who have stepped up to make a positive difference in our lives. 

Now, as leaders and business owners, we have that same opportunity to make a difference in the lives of a new generation of leaders.  At, we have proudly supported – as a community CRU Inner City (a 501c3 charity) – in their efforts, to help needy, inner city children and their families, have a better future, and be inspired with hope to persevere through difficulty to a better future.

At our annual conference in May 2019, our business owners, stepped up – to provide back-packs (Power Packs, filled with school supplies) and Boxes of Love (meals for Families of 6) to several hundred inner city children and families in NYC.

Now, through our stellar community of leaders, we are proud to be supporting CRU Inner City, National, strategically located in 25 cities, around the country.  Our goal, is to offer hope, and practical supplies – to 1,000 individuals, as a corporate community of leaders.  Specifically, we are supporting Power Packs (Back Packs filled with School Supplies) and Boxes of Love (Holiday Meals for families of 6).

In our upcoming Advisor Event Series, we are so excited to be offering attendees the opportunity to join with us in the drive, for backpacks for needy inner city children.  What a great opportunity to extend the success we have experienced, to an emerging generation presently in need.  Thank you to all those who are stepping up to partner with us in reaching this goal, and mostly importantly, thank you for making a lasting impact on the next generation of leaders.   

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