TPA Benchmark


Hynes Associates, is excited to have written an article for the Spring Issue of Plan Consultant, an ASPPA publication, titled “The New Role of the TPA as Sales Consultant”.  The article, highlights many of the key points we have emphasized in our monthly TPA owner sales and marketing series.  It is an honor to appear in this ASPPA publication, and add value to our industry.  We look forward to having your read this article, and connect with us, by registering for one of our upcoming Sales and Marketing Owner Forums, scheduled for the next several months. 

Click on the link above if you’d like to download our article in the Spring Edition of ASPPA’s Plan Consultant, and please be sure to join us for an upcoming event! 

Planning for 2024 Events

We were honored to be asked by Transamerica Retirement Services, to speak at their December Speaker’s Bureau, and share with TPAs from across the country, a presentation on the Importance of Developing a Business Plan for 2024. We greatly enjoyed participating in this forum and extend our special thanks to Transamerica for the opportunity. I am pleased to share the video recording of this session from December 5, 2023, with all our TPA partners, who would benefit from this session.

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