TPA Benchmark

Can you share a success story on how social media has driven advisors and sales for you?

Michelle Marsh, Chief Visionary Officer, Retirement Plan Concepts & Services Industry Leader Interview, with Michelle Marsh, Chief Visionary Officer, Retirement Plan Concepts & Services

Dawn Hynes Question:

You mentioned from one of your social media posts that you had the Head of a Broker-Dealer call you based on the content you posted.  Can you share this success story? 

Michelle Marsh Answer:

We post on LinkedIn, that’s where we get the most of our traffic because it is business related. We do post on Facebook and we do Twitter but the majority of the traffic, comments and click-throughs are through LinkedIn.

From a LinkedIn post the head of Raymond James called me and wanted to talk to me about that post, and about my business and how we work and how we can work better with some of his novice advisors who he really felt needed stronger TPA guidance and relationships.  And, we have gotten other direct calls not necessarily from brokers or broker-dealers, but from clients or prospects that have seen our posts. They call us saying “we’re not happy with our TPA, sounds like you do all this. What does your pricing look like?”. We also drive traffic to our website, so 5 to 7 times a week someone sends us a request for information through our website. Now, that is not always a true proposal because we offer detailed information about subject matter.  Sometimes they just want a copy of something that we’ve posted which we provide to them.  But just the traffic that all that is generating, we are not having to sell, we’re swamped.  And every time they’re like, “oh we saw you on LinkedIn” or we saw you here.

I know it’s hard to think about posting daily, but that is what we do. I know through the TPA benchmark you guys are starting to offer a couple newsletters. Our marketing newsletter we have been doing for about 12 years and our client newsletter we have been doing for 4 years. It’s all content that we are creating. So, (we are) staying in front of everybody as often as we can.

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